Save the Mediterranean White Sharks: Urgent Conservation Effort

Three years ago, we embarked on an extraordinary journey with the White Shark Chase (WSC) initiative, aiming to uncover the mysteries of the last remaining white sharks in the Mediterranean Sea. This elusive and critically endangered population has faced dramatic declines due to overfishing, leaving their future hanging in the balance.

🔍 Through extensive research, including sampling environmental DNA, deploying hundreds of hours of underwater baited camera surveys, and collaborating with local fishers and colleagues, we have identified the remaining stronghold of this population and key nursery grounds.

However, our recent investigations reveal a grim reality: intense, unregulated fishing in parts of the Mediterranean Sea poses an immediate threat to this population. With every passing day, the threat of extinction looms larger, making our conservation efforts more critical than ever.

💡 We are now advancing our mission with a multi-faceted approach: reconstructing fisheries data, monitoring landings, and developing models to protect these sharks. Our findings indicate where these sharks are, but without immediate action, we risk losing this iconic species forever.

We Need Your Help! 🙏

Your support can make a real difference. Funding is urgently needed to:

– Intensify our monitoring and sampling effort in key landing ports.

– Analyze biological material being collected in these ports.

– Develop capacity-building programs to expand the collection and analysis of scientific data on the ground. 

– Develop conservation strategies based on robust scientific data.

– Engage and educate communities for sustainable fishing practices.

Every contribution counts. Whether big or small, your donation will directly support our efforts to save the Mediterranean white sharks from extinction.

👉 Join us in this critical conservation effort. Let’s give the white sharks a fighting chance for survival. Donate today and participate in this epic journey towards saving one of the ocean’s most majestic predators. You will be able to join a pool of donors with access to inside info while we develop a diplomatic, sensitive, and complex strategy to save the last remaining individuals of the Mediterranean’s top predator.  

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