Save the Mediterranean White Sharks: Urgent Conservation Effort

Three years ago, we embarked on an extraordinary journey with the White Shark Chase (WSC) initiative, aiming to uncover the mysteries of the last remaining white sharks in the Mediterranean Sea. This elusive and critically endangered population has faced dramatic declines due to overfishing, leaving their future hanging in the balance. 🔍 Through extensive research, including … Read more Save the Mediterranean White Sharks: Urgent Conservation Effort

Position Announcement: PhD student

The Labs of Drs Francesco Ferretti and Yan Jiao in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech seek a motivated candidate for a Ph.D. position starting in August 2024.  We are looking for an energetic, entrepreneurial, and creative student who would like to conduct research in fisheries science, marine conservation, and ecology, … Read more Position Announcement: PhD student

Position Announcement: Postdoctoral Researcher

Position Summary: We seek candidates for a Postdoctoral Research Position who will join the Ferretti lab at Virginia Tech to research sharks and other fish and their interaction with global fishing fleets. The postdoctoral associate will analyze and develop research on interactions between fish and fisheries by analyzing a diverse suite of large datasets from … Read more Position Announcement: Postdoctoral Researcher