seaql lab

SeaQL Lab


The SeaQL Lab at Virginia Tech is an interdisciplinary group working on different aspects of Fisheries Science, Marine Ecology and Conservation. With a special interest in sharks and rays, we look to characterize the structure and function of natural ecosystems and develop solutions for sustainable ocean use. Taking advantage of unorthodox data sources, we attempt to fill knowledge gaps that inform important ecological systems.Β 

The name SeaQL stands for a turning point in marine conservation and sustainability. We are committed to writing a bright sequel in the history of ocean use by embracing the big data revolution and advances in analytics and ocean technology. Currently, the SeaQL lab works in the realms of ecoinformatics, fisheries sciences, quantitative ecology, and technology development for ocean monitoring. The latter involves developing innovations to combat illegal fishing and monitor large stretches of the ocean, including large marine protected areas, mega-reserves, and ocean sanctuaries.Β 

We invite marine ecologists, conservation and fisheries scientists, computer and data scientists, engineers and statisticians to collaborate with us on projects of ecological and conservation relevance.